Writer of Dreams

Work in Progress
2003-10-27 14:29:11 (UTC)

Marriage is good.

I'm taking a little break in my story writing to tell you
about what's going on.

We just finished the room. Completely. I haven't been this
excited in a long time. Nick and I got into a fight
however, during the process. He ended up going shopping
lately and getting my 2 dozen roses. It was so sweet...HOW

Natalie got into a big blowout with her mom, and ended up
coming over at 9:00 last night. I guess she's a step away
from moving in with her father.

Teresa comes home December 19. She called me the other day
and told me she met a really amazing guy at Job Training.
He's from New York. She's thinking of breaking up with Chad
for him.

Carlee and Robert are coming to stay with us for the
weekend. We're going to just hang out, play games and
cards, watch movies, go for a walk on the trail, and
probably go bowling. Maybe we'll go for a movie, we'll see.

Thing lately have been hectic at best. Winter is on the
horizon, which makes me depressed to begin with. Hopefully
I will have a restful weekend before the holiday season

Enough for now. We'll talk later.


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