pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2003-10-27 05:46:25 (UTC)

written: 21 . october . 2003

she lives in a world where nothing else matters
she takes what she can & gives what she wants
she is not aware of what she does
& her eyes will tell you, she's lost many lives
I'm just wondering what goes through her mind
she complains about peoples bluntness, but
thats only because she doesn't understand
she just can't see what its doing to her
i understood what she was about years ago,not
warning anyone. but they're figuring it out on their own
she's the famous unknown hippie,
cute and pretty to everyone but her insides are rotting
and she may know but she doesn't care enough to stop.
uses and abuses everything she encounters
very sweet, but eventually becomes sour
i think its a routine that she's afraid to get out of
she's done it for so long
she almost doesn't know any better

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