Used n Abused
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2003-10-27 05:40:39 (UTC)


Yo im back,after i went to jennys we came home and i fell
asleep in the chair. I just got off the phone with
Joesph ,argg i hate him,but i love him. See he know what he
can do that gets to me. He went and said he cheated on me
with Shashta. and i started crying , i know im a loser. i
cant help it i really like him. and hes like im only
agarvating you, i don't mean it. then later hes like i dont
wanna talk to you no more im breaking up with you, and i
started crying. I know he might seem like a ass from what i
said right here, but hes not. Hes different. I just i
dunno. hes like thats for this n that,i know thats not
right for what he said, but i really like him. i love him.
i wish i didnt cause then i wouldnt have to worry about
being hurt or anything. and when i hung up with him hes
like i gotta call my other girlfriend and tell her not to
wait up.fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh!! ARGGGG i dunno im
waiting for him to call? i bet he wont call me back till
later tonight. knowing him! i bet he does have another
girlfriend. so i dunno im watching cross roads. im going
bye bye oxoxo god bless pray 4 me! love yall oxox love
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