Alone I Will Always Be

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2003-10-27 03:31:15 (UTC)

How to tell him i love him?

Well its been awhile and i've changed my mind about alot of
things.... I have fallen in love with Nate and i fucked
around with brian ad now we hate eachother.... but Nate is
dating jessica the girl he fucked around with on me.... but
see the thing is is that nate has broken up with jessica a
few times for me.... and now i have fallen in love with him
and i cant tell him that b/c im afraid he will reject
me... so what am i to do..... we fuck around every night
and the main reason we broke up is b/c he never got to se
me..... so now we see eachther every night so maybe things
will change..... so whats a girl to do..... will smeone
help me b/c i love him alot and im afraid to tell him.....
mainly b/c i dont know how to say it exactly! im not sure
if him and jessica are still dating b/c they have been
fighting all week..... so maybe its over.... please let me
know what to do and how to tell him if i should tell him or
not! thanks a bunch!