*Jill's Thoughts*
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2003-10-27 03:11:35 (UTC)


well .. I like this kid a lot .. I mean A LOT! He is so
funny and so damn cute and wanna know what is the BEST
about him .. he's always been there for me when i needed
it! I don't wanna let this kid go. I had him once and i
don't want 2 let him go again especially with Brittany! I
donno ... I wish i would have never ruined it in the
summer. I just wasn't ready 4 a relationship and we lal
know i was still in love with Tyler.

Fuck u tyler! I hate the way u make me ruin everything good
in my life!! Or as it alwasy seems.....

I don't know why i didn't like him before. I think it's
cuz I needed him but .. He was then the most stable person
in the world and i was a wreck! When his dad died and I
went over there and just talked with him, I felt like for
once he needed me thats why i started liking him so much!
I don't know what the hell im going to do! Me and him could
be so good together he doesn't even know!

I'm gunna get him ... That is my goal!