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2003-10-27 03:01:09 (UTC)

If It Was The Last Day Of My Life.........

If today was the last day of my life, I would call my Mom
and tell her she needs to grow up and respect her children
the way she wants us to respect her. I would call all my
friends and tell them what they've meant to me, and that I
love them. I would call Haley and Aunt Jeannie and get all
our memories (I.B.U.A) put on a shirt that I want to be
buried in. I would write Aleigha and give the letter to
Pinky to give to her when she's older. I would go see my
Brother and tell him how much I love him and wish we were
closer. I would tell my Grandparents and tell them how much
I love them and I would appologize for the hell I put them
through. I would call Aaron and ask him to forgive me for
whatever the hell it was that I did, and pray that he
says "You're forgiven". I would lastly....grab up a fat
sweet and smoke it with everyone I know.
3 Amanda L. Allen

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