Nephanie's Life
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2003-10-26 22:03:21 (UTC)


Idk but if you don't want to me don't. Don't pretend to
be someone your not and change each time someone passes
by. There are some people I can't stand and your one of
them. There’s no "tension" until your there, and I highly
doubt that words are not exchanged to the two of you behind
my back. It’s all right though b/c I’m not upset. I find
it very interesting that when I’m upset I’m immature, but
when others like yourself find themselves in that position
it’s perfectly ok. I suppose in some senses the wise
aren't always that wise, but they’re too ignorant to really
see that.
But besides all this...I am terrible missing one
particular person. We need to get online at the same time.
This just isn't working out. I hope to talk to you soon
sweet heart. Love you...


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