Joronas Temnra

2003-10-26 21:18:13 (UTC)


People see strength, always, that's how they perceive the
world. They don't see fragility or desperation, only someone
who's still standing. They don't see the chips falling out
of the pillar, the cracks running through it as it struggles
under the weight it holds.

They don't see it. They just don't. They see someone who
stands alone and doesn't shirk. They don't see the desperate
struggle to hold everything, or the need to be themselves
and to be respected.

They look and see people who have gone through what they do,
but they don't see someone that's always resisting it.

I need to feel wanted.. I want to feel needed.. people say

I say neither.. I don't say anything.. I just splinter a
little more. Will anyone stand for me when I finally shatter?