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2003-10-26 19:35:08 (UTC)

What a week!

Last week ended up being quite challenging. I was in A and
E on Sunday night and Monday night, missed my micro-
teaching on Monday after over 5 hours preparing for it and
missed 2 days of school cos was so low and shite.

Registered with GP at student Health Centre on Tuesday
after I came out of hospital. Ended up spending over an
hour with Dr and nurse. They were so so sweet. I felt safe
in there, really protected and cared-for.

I got dressings sorted (I had cut really badly on arms) and
the doc promised to sort out my MH referral. Unsurprisingly
after the previous experiences I had had, I was doubtful
that anything would happen but she seemed nice.

On wednesday I saw dentist about my wisdom tooth which was
really sore and contributing to my lack of sleep and
general feeling-shitness. He took my wisdom tooth out then
and there!

Thursday and Friday I had 2 good days in school and had my
Italian lesson on Thursday evening too.

I saw nurse again on Thursday to check wounds. The doctor
said she wanted to see me (she had rung my mobile on
Wednesday!) and she fitted me in then too. She said had
done referral and if I didn't hear back by Monday I should
tell her secretary who would chase it.

I spent the weekend at the farm (parents' house) and just
got back to flat a couple of hours ago.

I had letter from MH services and... I have assessment next
Wednesday! One week! That is how it should be... I just
hope they then see me again and don't just assess me and
then dump me like usually happens.

I feel bit more positive but scared about this week cos
have lectures and lots to do.

Will try my hardest not to miss anything and if I cut I
will just have to deal with it.

Unfortunately I think I may well cut again tonight and/or
tomorrow... but I will just have to do my best to live with