Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-10-26 08:46:09 (UTC)

ESU baby!!!

Ya so i havent written in a while cuz i had a feeling that
kelly was catching on and if she read this it would be
really bad..she would like commit ya this
past week has been ok..i really dont think i have mono cuz
im never tired or nething and ur supposed to be really
sick and im not..we went to billys school last weekend to
see a play and it was kewl..we saw amish ppl and that was
fun lol and then we went home to give marissa her b-day
present which was exciting cuz she loved it ya
all week its been fuckin cold as all snowed here
two days ago..and im like on the edge with i
dont even wanna hear her talk nemore..and i knew that our
visit in the summer was gonna backfire on me..i was sayin
how i dont even remember and shes all like ohh well u
didnt even wanna leave my house when u visited or some
shit..but i just didnt wanna wake up that early and then i
was up and wanted to leave sooo bad....we sat in her
living room in ya i cant drink with the mono
i dont have so im goin for blood tests again cuz it fuckin
sux when u cant drink...i feel reeeeaallllyyy bad for my last nite me lauren cheryl and katey went to
some girls house and it was kewl..we sat in the basement
and talked to ppl and there was this really drunk girl
jillina there and she was like leanin over us talkin and i
was soo afraid she was gonna puke but she didnt thank
god..and this guy was totally hitting on cheryl lol he got
her digitz b4 we left..he wasnt cute cute but he was
descent..he was muscular ya today we went to tonys
to eat wit lauren and then just chilled in lenape until we
went out..i invited kelly to come wit us cuz lauren told
me too but i was rejected! she was goin out wit these new
ppls thank the ya we went to the lacrosse/rugby
house and it was soooo we couldnt move and
dean and tj that live on cheryls floor were there...lauren
and dean have been flirtin i last nite he
slept in her bed but they didnt do nething...but at the
party they hooked up and we figured they were gonna be
together now...BUT then she hooked up wit TJ! and then wit
her ex Sean! it was we went bak and TJ
comes bak and we go to his room and she was sayin how he
was a mistake but they hook up AGAIN and then wit dean
again..but deans a jerk and now she onlee wants
its nutso..ya and i found out that the guy i like craig
has a girlfriend in lenape 610 cuz we went there and he
was in his boxers like sleepin over so oh well..and then i
get bak to the room and kelly fuckin wakes up and is like
i hooked up with a guy (wow i hope a guy) named RUD
lol..ok now i dont understand not peaches and
cream but who would fuckin touch her! shes soo nasty..this
guy has to be really really nasty cuz if not im gonna have
a nervous breakdown...ok i vented im good..on a sadder
note two people died recently..dan magaster died in a car
accident a few days ago and i found out tonite that matt
youngs father died of cancer...its reallt sad and it makes
me upset b/c im away from home and i feel like im a bad
person cuz im not there and all..ok g2g kellys wakin up