my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-10-26 03:41:30 (UTC)


ok so i just went through all the people i know who have
livejournals and read them or looked to see if they ahd new
entrys. i tell ya i miss hanging out with so many people. i
miss hanging around kirby talking ot her everything, i miss
hanging out with tammy, i miss nicole. i miss kenny(talking
mostly.) i miss casey holy crap the list goes on and on.
well not really ON and on just... like 3 more peep maybe.
ne way this'll be short bcuz i can hear dakota bothering
becca. not bothering but beccas trying to get willow to
sleep and i can hear her telling dakota 'no daktoa!" and
she can't pick dakota up(c section n all.) so. yea. ne way
this basically was saying, im lonely i miss hanging out
with people someone save me:( CALL ME! shawn called me
tonight and we talked for like half an hour, an hour. i
dunno. but it was great talking to someone i havent seen in
so long for that long. ne way im burnin i need to put some
shorts or somethin on ok ciao ill possibly write more l8a
p.s. u know 2day steph(sis) told me that spelling chele
liek that (c-h-e-l-e) is weird. so i said "well im weird
what do you expect?" i mean common people i am so
predictable. pardon any typos im too tired. dakota woke up
in the night for a while again. lil bugger...

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