champagne supernova
2003-10-26 02:49:01 (UTC)

numb is the new deep

well well here i am in my room at home watching stand up on
a saturday night... just where i want to be and what i want
to do damn it!!!! i love comedy central! its great! and im
gonna watch the new show called "kid notorious" to see if
its any good, lol,,, i love this guy, his name is jim
david...soo funny. so great. so i start working this week,
probably this weekend so im actually going to va for
christmas break! yeah! and i decided thatim going to go to
the ymca's camp arbolado for spring break to be a camp
counselor ! i cant wait im so excited! plus tomorrow, its
my cousin maddies birthday so im gonna go catch that and
get a homecomming dress....silly jen nominated me for
homecomming funny. but homecomming
chould be a good time . i decided im going to go to all the
events i can tbis year since its my senior year and i want
to do everything i possibly can i want to have an awesome
year! and its going good so far! just turned in the first
copy of my senior project so im glad that thats done. and working soon... so good! ok thats all for now!