A day in the life....
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2003-10-26 02:12:34 (UTC)

just an update again

I know i'm a slacker but i'm a slacker that has no time to
write in here very often
Life keeps me busy. After the wonderful weekend with Brian,
my parents and i journeyed up last weekend to visit him AND
His we had all four of them in one location at
the same time....Scary. Anyways, it was a good time. They
got along nicely and we went on a architectural boat tour
Saturday afternoon. The weather was lovely. The entire
weekend was much too short in my opinion. But in my world,
i'm still not sure if it really is October feels
like september. :oP
Oh well, Brian and i have had a few deep convos lately. One
of which left me 100% perplexed and in a sense distraught,
but i'm overcoming that. Faith is good. So for those of you
who are Christians and read my you believe that
the Holy Spirit dwells inside us and is able to guide us in
our daily lives? or was it something just given to the
original disciples? Just something to ponder.
Also i was having a low self-esteem day and so he help me
build myself up rather than just giving me a temporary
boost. I'm so glad i have him in my life. (*kiss* love you
I just talked to one of my old, super good friends that
moved away my sophmore year. My friend Greg is in town! I
missed him, but we get to go eat lunch together tomorrow
after church. yay! for now tho i'm going to go work on
stuff. God bless!