The Nine Faces of Dave
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2003-10-25 21:53:18 (UTC)

mi casa es su casa

This weekend is shaping up to be one chock full of colossal
boredom. Even though there is much I want to do, I've been
busting my ass all week, so the motivation is not there. I
did go see "L'Auberge Espagnole" last night, which was very
good, and tonight I'm going to see "Stevie," a documentary.
The weekend won't be entirely devoid of activity, but I have
a feeling it won't be particularly interesting.

Roommate situation is on the decline; apparently he took so
long to file the form that he was behind 30 people, and one
of them beat him to the other room. Now he's saying that he
could just stay around, to which I say fuck that. If he has
enough of a problem with my sleeping habits and dream states
to complain as much as he has, then he's got reason to move.

It is a distressing situation, especially since he evidently
doesn't see the importance of this for either of us. If, as
he claims, my sleep-talking is making him lose sleep, and I
can't do anything about it, then I'd say it's pretty fucking
important that we get this resolved instead of just "living
with it," as he puts it. And the only resolution is for one
of us to leave. I've nowhere to go, except possibly to the
graduate housing place, and living there almost necessitates
having a car. Guess who's got a car? My roommate. Not me.

Now worst-case, I might be able to move. Won't be any fun,
but it's workable if nothing else. But one of us has got to
leave; I'm causing him to lose sleep, and his hanging around
so much is costing me what little privacy I could expect. I
don't hang out here too much, so he's got his space. But as
it is, he's always here studying, so I can't really make use
of the room at all. I can't have people over, can't play my
music loudly, can't play my guitar, can't sing, can't really
do anything that would be too much fun, because it would be
too loud for him. I'm effectively being denied full use of
my space, all because he uses his space all the time and has
no ability to ignore distractions.

I honestly can't see why he's needing to study so much; I'm
taking as many credits as him, and it doesn't cost me nearly
as much time. And I'm a CS major, so I have to spend a lot
of time on it. Now granted, I spend a lot of my time in the
lab, and he doesn't have a lab to go to. But I'm certainly
not stopping him from studying in the lounge (which he used
to do at the start of the year) or going to the library.

Yeah, he's entitled to be here; I can't force him to leave,
because these are his living quarters also. But I also have
the right to be able to use my space to its fullest extent,
and to have some degree of privacy in my "home." Things are
fucked when I have greater freedom and privacy in the CS lab
than in my own room.

In other news, my friend from CS isn't mad at me anymore, so
that's a good thing. We're actually thinking about working
on some sort of project, possibly as an independent study or
something. He's going to be around another year, as are the
people he's got in mind for this thing, so we've got lots of
time to figure shit out.

I think today I'll do my laundry and tidy up my room. It's
really getting to be a mess. It sucks being bored enough to
find enjoyment in doing housework.

This is Dave, signing off.