2003-10-25 08:43:31 (UTC)

go shorty its your birthday!!

we guna party like its your birthday, guna sip BACARDI like
its your birthday and yknow we dont give a fuck its not yo

now that ive been up for 23 hours. i spent the last 10
hours with people i love so much and it was the best
birthday ever. between the purple flowers from the boy and
the purple cake with pink and purple stars sebastien made
me hes soooooo cute and getting piss drunk with his daddy
and playing poker while he hit on me lol and then somehow
getting to dinner for the best sushi ever in the world
which was also a blast even though i can only remember
about half of that whole few hours of the night but it was
like $200 worth of sushi that cracks me up but of course i
didnt pay and claudia was super cute like i was hoping she
would be and got me cute presents that she of course put in
these adorable stacking boxes it was great sebastien took
pictures cus i was so drunk i havent been that drunk in a
WHILE and we went to adams lol what the fuck i was
all "sebastien go to richards" and thank god he wasnt there
or i'd be hating myself right now and then why oh why i was
like "go to adams"... i dont know. i was real real drunk.

and claudias card, was the best... it was a sisters
birthday card and it was so cute "Sister, we've laughed,
we've fought, we've giggled blahdeblah.... and somehow
along the way we've become best friends" and inside she
wrote something about i know we're not really sisters but
this is what i wanted to say, blahblahblah and i felt so
loved i felt all better about that whole thing, i hate
cards they make me cry and ashley made me the cutest card
even though she already gave me a really sweet one last
weekend and she wrote me a little poem "adrienne is pretty
adrienne is nice someday she will be my wife and i dont
remember the rest but it was cute. and tammy actually
came which was fun except for when she sang to me after
rocky these dreadfully long song about happy birthday to
the lesbian blahdeblah rubbing my face in her boobs i didnt
know what was going on all i know is that apparently i'm
now OUT at work which i was sorta trying to avoid but matt
was there and yeah. nice. but she was being cute and
theres nothing wrong with 10 minutes of a hot girl all up
on me rubbing my face in her boobs. and rocky was lots of
fun. and then we went to waffle house for coffee where
sebastien wouldnt stop talking about my breasts. he took a
ton of really cute pictures and oh im just so happy=)
tomorrows (today) my birthday but today (yesterday) felt
like it. i was so afraid it was going to suck and it didnt
at all. the only thing that could have been better was if
she had stayed but she came to see me and thats what
counts. even though lord i was still so drunk and i was
all. well, me. and i kissed her. lol. had we not been
in a car in the middle of the street with my sushi waiting
on the table... i really wanted to go at it right then and
there. and wow im really having a problem. i mean, no
shit... i knew that, but. but this has been going on for
like forever now. usually when this happens its for a
couple weeks but it was like. august? i dont know. july
maybe. anyway. none of that right now. because im soo
happy and also sooo tired and i need to sleep. but i love
everyone so much for being with me tonight in spite of
their weddings and tests and everything else. mmhmm.
sleepy time.