Crazy Girl

Diving Under
2003-10-25 05:00:12 (UTC)

I dont know really how to start..

I dont know really how to start this off but I will give it
a try. I will start with school.
DAMN SCHOOL! Enough said hehe just kidding. School is
actually going pretty well for me. I have a 3.0 and am
going strong in my classes. Last year of high school and I
am working my ass off so I can walk the line for
graduation. I want to make everyone proud of me, I want to
see the faces of the important people in my life as I walk
on stage to get my deploma. This year is really hard for a
couple of reasons. First they have all these stupid
regulations on school rules and this other crap that if you
screw up pretty much once, you are gone or you are unable
to walk the line. Then it is hard because right now there
is a lot of stuff for me to worry about with the wedding
and with my baby being gone. The stuff that is going on
with his mom and the rest of the family including mine.
Enough said about why it is hard for school. Yes I think
so. It is just imposable. (hehe I love how I cant spell)

Next, well I am so stressed out with planning. My dad is
just grrr! Alright the whole story about this one. It is
complicated so try to stay with me. Cory and I decided to
get married in December. Big Big choice but we both love
each other and we are looking at other choices that we have
to concider. Well It wasnt that hard to tell his dad
because his dad is the one who suggested we get married
before I graduate. Then we told his mom and his mom just
said I better graduate and now more then often she reminds
me how she is really against it and that she knows how it
is cuz she got married younger then us and she knows what
happens. So sometimes it seems like we dont have her
support. Then I told my mom which actually turned out to be
easier then I thought. Then I told my dad where I got the
most trouble from. He had the biggest look of
dissappointment in his eyes and tried every which way to
talk me out of it. For a while there I was unsure because I
didnt want him to be dissappointed but then I realized that
yes he is my father and I love him very much, this is my
life and I have to take the consaquences of my decisions (
I know I really cant spell) I love Cory very much and I
know I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Him and
I have already been through so much that right now, this
seems like the best idea. I have never been so sure of
something in my life. My mom has already jumped on the
planning band wagon so I have yet to see any of the other
parents doing that. So we will soon find out how it all

I think I have yacked everyones ears off but if you have
any advice about marriage or anything else please write me
and tell me what you think
Always ~me~