2003-10-24 19:53:25 (UTC)

"home/orlando for some sweet..

"home/orlando for some sweet sweet loving. 3. be back
tomorrow probably. "

have i mentioned lately how much i love this girl? well.

work was good. i was doing more galleria signs but now
they're in matte-white which is a BITCH to weed. and i did
them all day i was supposed to be doing polymers with matt
but his colors werent approved so its on hold. but week
after next we have saratoga springs a new disney resort
that we're doing 800 EIGHT HUNDRED signs for, they're all
going to be screened so i'll be back there all the time and
probably being asked to work overtime. which is not a
problem. Mike told matt to teach me to paint, too... so
they better be giving me more money soon, im making decent
money but danielle makes $19 matt makes more and i'm going
to be doing EVERYTHING. but i love it and thats what

then i had lunch with my mom. where richard (Danielle's
boyfriend) proceeded to hit on me like every time. he's
like 20 huh and i was like yeah and my mom was like richard
stop and hes like "but your daughters hot lou ann" and she
was like "well you cant date her for another year cus i
said so" at which point GOD am i embarrassed and hes
all "oh I have patience, i have patience" EWWWWW i wanted
to slap him and say YOUR MY BOSS'S BOYFRIEND!!!! ugh

then i went to the mall and walked around which was nice, i
never ever ever do that alone or go ANYWHERE alone and i
also went to target and sally's. all by myself=) like a
big girl!

i got him a couple things that are actually pretty cool,
like he'll love them cus hes a nerd, but.. what can i
say. i just cant help kicking ass, even when i dont care.
i also got a new shirt a new hat new socks and hair dye.
haha i got paid today.


Tammyperrin47: Hello there my sexy birthday cupcake of
bisexual love!!

awww shes coming tonight!! yay for that! i'm so excited
about tonight! it'll be fun. im determined
to have fun. right now im guna wrap his presents and take
a shower, take a nap and then ashley should be here!!! if
we go to sado's i'm guna egg my aunts house or car too
lol. finally! that'll REALLY make me happy. so maybe we
should go to Amura or Fuji. lol. im not sad that im 20 in
8 hours. im fine with that. because im going to spend the
night with people i love. and matt. -from work- haha. okay