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2003-10-24 19:37:06 (UTC)

Leaving tonight...

We hung out last night. I was all dressed up. Ofcourse.
Went to Ed Debevick's. Kathy's idea. I'm glad she brought
it up I did want to go there one of these days just didn't
know when. Our waiter was a wise guy. I didn't want him
talking to me cause I know he would have a come back for
everything I said, and I don't take to humor well.

Liz, Eric, Chris, Christina, Kathy, Tequila, Steph and I
went there. Later Liz, Eric, and Christina left, but Tim
met up with the rest of us and we grabbed some stuff went
on to the beach told scary stories, and then cuddled, (all
5 of us) under one big blanket on the sand. We were so
close it was so nice. They bought me white carnations with
a purle outline. How sweet. I don't think I could change
anything about this night. It was just fine. Not perfect,
but just fine.

Now I'm gonna leave to meet up with eveyone in less then 2
hours. Home alone so I'll take the time to meditate and
such. I already cleaned my room and am all set to go.
Hopefull I will be able to write in here during Germany.
Which is kinda good, but kinda sucks cause then we had that
whole big parting ceremony and they'll see me online every
now and then. It's better this way I suppose.