I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-10-24 18:44:45 (UTC)

A Welcome Suprise

First of all, I'd like to thank a new noter (be you a new
reader or a lurker out of the closet, I do not know) but I
appreciate all feedback. So, yay to you! Though I don't
know who you are, but I'm not really that ugly. It was
probably a down day when I wrote it. I'm not exactly sure
which entry you're talking about so I can't give you a
finite answer. But thank you, and I appreciate it!

Are there other lurkers out there? I was about to say that
lurkers are annoying, but then I realized how many times
I'm a lurker and read things about other people's lives
and never leave a note. It's just to gain a new view of
life, and that I don't want to interfere. So, lurk away if
you please. Though if you did leave a note, I'd send you a
nice email :)

I'm all about bribes.

Ok, in other news, the weather is gorgeous in FL. But I
now realize how close we are to November because it's
apparently snowing in Boston (wear a coat Nikki!) and it
hasn't gotten below 65 degrees here. It's been incredibly
long since I've seen snow in person, or really experienced
a winter. I've always considered myself a northern girl,
but I've lived in this damn state now longer than I've
lived anywhere. It's time to admit that I am a Floridian.

It's my day off, and that's great. How're things with you?