Nephanie's Life
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2003-10-24 00:54:58 (UTC)


Everyone does something for a certain reason. Just
because someones not exactly like you does not mean they're
wierd or retarded or w/e. I do mostly everything for my
own reason that makes sense to me, to me not to anyone else
to me. And just b/c i do things my own way doesn't not
mean i'm wierd. I am finding people to becoming
increasingly rude each day. Oh well, I suppose thats just
the way society is. I guess i really just don't see the
point in pretending to be a superior being due to your
grammer, or b/c of your high scores on test. you can get
100's on every thing and know every sophisticated word in
the dictionary and still be a complete jackass. I'm not
trying to put this upon someone specifically, so don't get
that impression. I swear I'm going under....Things can
never stay good. My grades are plummeting but I have no
idea why...My hw average is and 107 but b/c of a test i
have a 61 in math...And chem...its awful...i just choke on
the tests...I just want to see my baby love and be in his
arms, to forget about everything. Such a sweet, sweet