Used n Abused
2003-10-23 23:38:37 (UTC)


I never got to finish about stuff now. Im going with
jOESPH. I love him honestly. I really don't understand how
i can love someone i've known for a short time. Well last
night he got to haggin me and i started crying and this n
that and he cussed at me. no big deal. only one cuss word.
But hes not like that, and it killt him. He was like how am
i suppose to look in the face after i done not like
the other boys ,but i guess i am.....then he cried! i felt
like shit!!!i swear. then i let it slip i used to cut
myself and he went crazy he asked why and i was like i
dunno....just being stupid. and my phone kept going dead
and was so afriad that i hung up on him to do something to
myself. now hes afraid im gonna kill myself!?!? IM NOT
SUCIDIAL!!! im not! I told him that but he said hes still
afraid. and yea....we stayed on the phone till 7 in the
morning was better later i don't Im
inlove with a boy i've known for 3 weeks?i know whoever
will be reading this will say ,Whatever that aint love, but
i know it is. i never felt this way for a boy. only once.
And another thing i had this boy begging to go with me for what does that tell ya?? i dunno im gonna go smoke
a cigg/ love yall god bless keep me in your prayers. LAURen