Nick's Journal
2003-10-23 15:53:15 (UTC)

Rigid Rigourousness and Rigorous Rigidness

I can't spell rigorous/rigourous. eh whatever. really
every day has a certain nazi glaze to it. i do my shit
and i don't really do much else. hmmm that sounds kinda
dumb. anyhow today there was some deviation and i freaked
the fuck out just like a good austrian should. first of
all people were being dumb. i'm in real estate for about
20 mins and this dumb idiot from way back in the room asks
a completely stupid question about something that we
learned the first day of class.
see i'd love to be a teacher, but if i had to put up with
shit like that, i'd fucking run up there and give that
fucker a surprise nut-trample. i really respect my
teachers for being able to kindly circumnavigate stupidity
with patronizing good-will. anyhow i move from there and
we have a quiz in art history. basically i had studied
for this quiz during hte 10 minute excruciating shit i had
before the class. that's how i usually work that stuff.
i'm on the shitter letting out my insides and learning
about antiquity and the hellenistic inclinations that
plotinus revolted against (yeah i don't know what the fuck
that means either).
so i get to the class and it's "scantron time students!"
so i sit down and right of the bat this girl that looks
like she hit every branch on her fall from the ugly tree
asks me for a fucking pencil. you see i have ONE fucking
pencil. that's it, and apparently she doesn't believe
it. in kind, jocular fashion she kids me into thinking
that somewhere in the depths of my backpack i do actually
have another pencil......i believe her exact words were,
"come on i know everyone has more than one pencil (hehe)
you just didn't look very hard (hehe)....i look like i got
beat with the ugly stick for atleast 5 minutes (hehe)"
well minus the last part.
in answer i farted. oh man was it nice (and very
unplanned). you know those farts? you're just chillin'
minding your own business and all of a sudden you have
nagasaki coming out of your anus...completely caught by
surprise! well she was a lot of japanese people and moved
the fuck away. thank god for flatulence, it truly is a
very convienent way of getting out of unwanted
see it should be socially acceptable to just throw your
anus on someones face and just let loose with the juice if
they fucking tie you down in inane conversation. but
noooooo, that's not proper.
anyhow i get on the bus to come back to the apartment and
the bitch is completely empty! thank god! course i'm
sweating like a jew in poland cos i've been running so i'm
pretty sure i'm safe from anybody setting next to me
anyhow.....wrong! this guy comes and is practically
sucking my dick on the bus. shit he was one seat over,
what the hell is that shit? move your ass to the front
rosa parks!
yeah some days i absolutely don't want to deal with human
beings and it's not their fault. see that's what i love
about cats and dogs. when they're done with your ass they
either growl (if they're a dog) or they put a gun to your
head and tell you to back the fuck off (if they're a
one more thing. if i see one more jerk off preppy white
guy saying, "hey holla back at me when ya get this" on
his god damn fancy 2 cm long cell phone i will make that
thing go through his small intestines......twice.