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2003-10-23 15:00:21 (UTC)

today has been fucked up since before 730 am.

how is that even possible. somethings really WRONG about
that. first i woke up at 715 because i was up really late
on this really bizarre cleaning kick... and i didnt even
HEAR my alarm going off. for almost 2 hours. so i
literally got out of bed put my sweater on and walked out
the door in less than 90 seconds. not to mention how i
felt nauseous i was pissed and then i pull out of my
neighborhood and came so insanely close to running this man
over like i almost hit some black kids in sebastiens
neighborhood once cus well it was dusk and they were
playing in the street but this was the closest ive ever
been and when i swerved to not hit him, i almost got
smashed by the car in the other lane like had i been
lighting a cigarette or something, that guy would be dead

so at this point i start really freaking out and i break
down and call dickhead because i figure, hes always late
hes probably just leaving and i can give him my piece of
shit english paper to turn in and then go back home. hes
all insanely angry when he answers his cell because
apparently some guy was in front of him going really slow
so he switched lanes and then the guy pulled into his lane
and knocked him up on a curb or something i didnt really
understand but he was screaming and i was like yeah just
take my paper and totally forgot it was his birthday...

but i wish i hadnt had to call him cus now hes all thinking
shits fine because he called me after english to tell me
that she talked to him.... about how shes tired of his "and
his friend's" attitudes thinking we're better than everyone
else in that class and she doesnt want us in her class so
im scared shes guna withdraw us which REALLY REALLY WOULD
throw me off the edge because i paid for that class and ive
been enduring her bullshit fucking elementary level
teaching for half a semester now i'll be god damned if im
not getting the credit i deserve because i fucking earned
it if not for doing any challenging work but for putting up
with her fucking stupid bitch ass. 1955 Branchwater Tr,
Orlando, FL 32825. yeah. dont try me bitch. dont fuck
with my fucking education.

that makes me so angry.

it also makes me angry that she didnt get that job. i know
she really wanted it and needed it and she was probably so
bummed out...

i love ashley more than anything in the world.

well i have about 2 more hours to sit around naked before i
have to go to work for the last day. its kinda sad. but
now i already told danielle matt and mike that i could work
next week every day so i know i have to do it. but.