Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-10-23 04:12:31 (UTC)

On a whim

I remembered a website that had an online diary, and I was
fascinated by it, because this was back in 1995/6, where
people's lives weren't all that fascinating, and I was
stuck at work working on a problem that I decided to look
for hints on the web, when I stumbled upon her website. I
was always an avid reader of fiction, but her writing style
grabbed me instantly, and her stories of whatnot, etc.
Anyways, I did a google search on her first name, and then
added 'online diary' to it, and there her name
She doesn't write as often online, so I've read, but
whatever. I find it interesting though that her list of
books to read are what I would consider reading myself, lol.