The Nine Faces of Dave
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2003-10-23 03:45:33 (UTC)

better late than never...right?

The worst thing about midterms is not the academic problems
they present. It's the potential they have to fuck up other
parts of your life by proxy.

So today, I was supposed to meet a friend to study for a CS
midterm. We were supposed to meet around 5:30. I ended up
getting delayed, due to class running over and a hold-up at
the dining hall. So I figured I should make sure everything
was still a go, since he's had to reschedule shit a lot. I
got back to my room, and found messages asking if I'd still
be coming by. I replied that I'd been delayed and would be
on my way shortly.

I got delayed again en route, because I forgot some shit. I
finally got there quite a bit later than we'd planned on, so
I expected he'd be a little perturbed. But apparently he'd
been under the impression we were supposed to meet at 5:00,
so he was real pissed.

Who knows what sort of long-term effects this will have. My
bet is he'll be pissed for a couple of days and then forget
about it. Still bugs me though. I seem to be brilliant as
of late at getting people mad at me, even when my intentions
are good. Oh well, I guess there's nothing you can do about
the past except try to repair whatever damage you've done.

I guess I'm so used to fluid schedules outside class that it
becomes hard to deal with right-on-time kind of shit. It's
something to work on I suppose. I'm normally good at being
on time for shit; today was just a weird day I guess.

Oh well. I guess it could be worse; I could have caused an
actual problem, instead of just being late. Or I could have
actually been malicious about it and not made it at all. If
there's one thing worse than being late, it's not showing up
at all. And I did get my studying done pretty much, though
I fell asleep in the library while doing it. But I needed a
nap anyway; haven't been getting enough sleep.

So tomorrow is going to be the day for midterm, an absolute
minimum of effort in art class, damage control, and writing
my paper for AI. I'm hoping we'll get another week off with
that class sometime soon; I could use a break from papers.

Hell, I could use a break from everything.

This is Dave, signing off.