once again
2003-10-23 03:35:21 (UTC)


Since friday, I've had three more attacks. I don't know
why and I don't know how to stop them but I have vowed not
to pick up extra shifts or work too many hours any more.
But I'm barely getting 40 and I need the money. I'm hoping
to have my insurance by Nov, that would be nice.

I worked out today the first time in a week. I feel good
right now but I wish I would loose weight. NOthing really
interesting happening right now. I'm trying to calm down
about everything. I'm still sad alot but I've been hanging
out with Steph from work lately and it's making me
happier. But the home life is getting a little crazy

Well all I can do is say good luck to myself and move on.
Still no word from Shawn, or Eric for that matter but I
kinda don't care about that. I wish I could just hear
Shawn one more time but it's better for me that I don't.