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2003-10-23 02:54:21 (UTC)

Half Day Closing

I miss 8th grade. I really do. I met some of the most
amazing people that year. I don't know if the people I knew
from that year remember it like I do, all I know is, I had
the time of my life. I miss many things about that year,
such as Eric, and the cheesy way he'd hold the door for me,
and pull out my chair before I sat down. I miss Abby's
honesty when it came to telling you how you looked when you
asked. I miss Brandon, and how I always knew, and still
know,that if I ever had a problem, he'd be there to help me
out. I miss Jenn, and how she used to try and get me to
give love letters to Greg because she was too shy to do it
herself. I miss Jeremy, and the way he'd make me laugh so
hard I couldn't breathe. I miss Tom. Anytime I wasn't
feeling well, or was sad, or even when I was perfectly
fine, he'd always be there to talk. I miss laughing and
discussing wrestling all throughout class with Pratik. I
miss going to ron-a-roll, the movies, the mall, baseball
games, dancing in her room at midnight, watching American
Idol, and spending almost everyday of the summer, and
having the best memories of my life with Kaylee. I miss
Charlie and how genuinly nice he was, and how after all
these years, he's still my husband. I miss Greg, and how it
took me hours to get him to smile for a split second. For
some reason I liked having him around... and I still do. I
don't know why. I remember him out of the blue, saying that
I was beautiful.. for no reason at all. And I remember it
meaning a lot to me.

The only person I don't miss is Crystal. And that is
because ever since the 8th grade we've been best friends.
She's the most interesting and fun person I've ever met and
it's comforting to know that she'll always be there.