Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-10-22 22:10:42 (UTC)

Set Us Free? - On Friends

One of mine recently produced the old gem that you only
get 5 really good friends throughout your life, and I
expect he is right. I'm not in the business of predicting
who they might be, but I can kinda tell some of them.

The friends you don't need to see to get along with are
great, and even if you lose touch for a while, you'll
always be able to get along with - and that's important.
But its the friends who know everything about you - and
what's more, the friends who know more about you than you
do that are important. I don't mean like 14 year old girl
things (no offence) but things that can only be cemented
over time together and time apart. Indeed, you can find
your friends all kinds of negative things, but still get
on with them in ways you can't explain to people.

I have that with a couple of people. I suspect one of them
might read this, its been a long time, and I might just
send him the 'open letter' I wrote the night before last -
there's things in there I don't want the world knowing -
that I don't want to put up here.

So what am I saying? I'm saying that I was rocked really
backwards today by the news of Elliott Smith's suicide, I
was never his biggest fan, although he did a beautiful
version of my favourite song once, and I can't imagine how
his friends and family are feeling now. Or how lonely he
must have been recently.

I'm lonely from time to time, my housemates spend all
their spare time being in love which is...nice, but I wish
they would take it somewhere else, I don't doubt either
pairing, I just don't need it all over my living room. So
I seek refuge in my bedroom. However, I know I've got
people I can always talk to...if I need to. And I've added
to that list relatively recently, too.

WILT? Good Song - blur