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2003-10-22 19:41:48 (UTC)

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

I will now take the time to dedicate an entire journal
entry to one of my best friends of all time... a man who
couldn't tell you who won the Super Bowl last year, or how
to change the oil in your car... but he can spot an
imitation Louis Vuitton purse from a mile away... Rick

Rick is my best friend... my personal therapist... my
sidekick during our journey through an unstylish society.
Without Rick, my lunch period would be empty, my
homework... incomplete, and when I ask "do I look ok?"
there would be many people telling me I look beautiful,
when in fact, I could use just a little more mascara.

I don't think I could go on if I couldn't walk into school
every Monday moning and run up to Rick and say "DID YOU
WATCH THE ANNA NICOLE SHOW?!" and have him be the only guy
I know to say "OH MY GOD YES!" I would feel lost during
breakfast without Rick telling me that the bagel I'm eating
is bad for me.. while he's shoving cookies into his mouth.

Some of the most memorable times in High School involved
Rick. Although we fight like drag queens on the Jerry
Springer show, we always find a way for both of us to be
right. It takes a lot of chemistry for two people to get
along while believing themselves to be the all mighty, all
beautiful ruler of the universe, but I think we pull it off

Rick, I love you more than my Stella Mcartney jacket, and
I'd be lost without you.

Title: Cyndi Lauper