2001-10-09 05:46:41 (UTC)

I Will Survive

I survived my ordeal, went to a concert the next day at
Chuggles, then managed to drive to New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
for Thanksgiving. Had supper with my grandparents and my
mother (were actually kinda getting along for the first
time in over ten years) - and then the Mackays invited me
over there for supper. Big crowd there - then visited
Gordon. Keith showed up and by 10 pm we were on our way to
Halifax to go to the Dome. Jon lost his bet about getting
into a lil dance circle within 15 minutes (a gay guy had
tried to pick him up just as the watch was drawing to a
close, lol - poor Jon). Keith was in top form about Jon
picking up an old girl (wrinkles anywhere mistaken for
vaginas, no teeth giving head - he gets so into it he rips
off the wig!! rrotfflol), and about Liam stealing his wife
(scenario at bar - Keith with spotlight on Liam and on the
microphone annoyed at Liam always getting the girl so
yells "Hey, see this man, this cute one here - he has
diseases and is a wife stealer... and beater - look,I think
he's beating someone now - don't be fooled by the pretty
eyes and first place ribbons....." lol)....

Up to 6am blasting Tool in car trying to wake up the
block. Jon and Keith got smashed.... So fun - discovered
a genuine fear of alcohol in me now. The idea of me and
alcohol equates to instant death in my mind now. Hope I
stay in control of that idea and not whatever it
was/is/seems to be that tried to take me out last Friday.
Still don't have any genuine recollection - stories about
it don't even seem vaguely familiar in any way. Like a
part of my life that everyone there invented
collaboratively but didn't really happen....

Oh well

Still got to work at getting some other things out of my
head and figure out why some things won't get into it...