Ramblings of a Mom
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2003-10-22 13:29:39 (UTC)

Not a good start....

Well, today's the day before we leave on our big beach
adventure and my son gets to go to a farm for a field
trip. But, what happens this morning? The child asks for
a Pop-Tart for breakfast (when I know he won't eat it, he
doesn't like sweets) and so I give him one. He spends 40
minutes messing around with one pop tart! 40 minutes! He
ends up missing his bus and throws everything out of whack
for me. He is supposed to catch the bus at 6:30 and we
were there at 6:36 or so, I can't take him right to school
b/c the school doesn't open until 7 am. I need to go to
the store, okay.
Wellll, we live in the country and by the time I would get
to a store it would be 7, and then by the time we would get
done at the store and back to his school, it would probably
be close to 7:30, at which time he would be late and not
had an additional opportunity to eat something for
breakfast. Soooo, we just drive almost to the store, turn
around, come back, and drive up to school just after 7 am.
I call my mom to see how she is doing and to see if she
needs anything from the store and she tells me about the
latest about my baby brother and his fiancee.
I really don't like my brother's fiancee, and I have never
even laid eyes on her. She has not bode well with me for
about a year now. My mom has power of attorney over my
brother's stuff because of his deployment with the Navy, so
he's emailing her about things that need to be done in CA
while she (our Mom) is in TX. In order to do some of these
things, she needs cooperation from the girl in CA. Well,
she hasn't had that cooperation and now his car is set to
be towed from the apartment complex and my mom is stressed
about it. He's due back in CA in 2 weeks and my Mom is
freaking out. I'm telling her to just be honest with my
brother (like she would be with any of us kids) and let him
know that she can't continue to do these things if his
fiancee doesn't start helping out!
I'm sorry to see my mom go through so much crap with all of
this stuff. It makes me glad to say that I'm not one of
her 'stressors' right now and that I didn't even let her in
on my DWI when I got it. I dealt with it, did my 2 years
probation, paid my fines, and never took assistance from
anyone during that time, even though I was a single parent
at the time. Her health isn't the best as it is, and this
is not helping matters any. But, like I told her, we can't
dog Charlie (my baby bro) for his choice in partners, it's
not up to us to approve or disapprove of his choices. He
is the one that has to live with her, not us. The worst
that could happen is that he take her side and cut his
family off completely and that would not be cool!
I keep reminding my Mom that her parents didn't approve of
her choice when she married my Dad, and now they have been
together almost 34 years! We don't have to like it, we
just have to accept it.
Well, I better run, I have lots to accomplish before we
leave tomorrow night. I'd like to have the house somewhat
cleaned up before we leave in addition to the obvious of
doing all of the laundry, packing, and cooking before we
go. So, til tomorrow!