Used n Abused
2003-10-22 10:24:09 (UTC)


Ok so i guess i have alot to tell. I don;t know where last
i left off about richard. hes still a asshole. when i went
back down there i only seen him one time. cause i couldn't
get out the other times. I called him but not alot so
sunday when i was waiting at my grandmas for my sister to
get back fromm going with the kids..guess who drove
up .Richard he brought alyssa there. and the asshole
wouldnt talk to me sayin i was wrong and this n that. i
tried.and here we're standing out there and alyssa is
drawing on the boys's arms like tatoos and she goes to
richard and is about to write lauren but he says no write
tiffany. That was the last straw .so i said whatever and
charity called . i hugged tommy and Peewee. bye and ran
inside the house and locked myself in the bathroom and
cried with charity on the phone. I never thought i would
put up with that kind of shit!!.SO I called him that day
on the way home and he did me like a dog. cussed me out and
everything. oh and a thing he loved to say is that i was a
lesbian and this and that. AH1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate
him. and then monday i got him to be nice to me on the
phone but then we'd argue i'd cry and then he was nice. and
so on. ok tuesday i think i was crying over him saying he
was gonna get me back for not calling him while i was down
there. so i walked inside(my face was red from crying) and
dad was like whats wrong with your face i was nothing,what
do you mean/? its just my contacts. so dad made a big deal
asking why i was crying and alyssa was like it was a boy.
and then she made up the name jack youngs. see richard was
being nice to me then. then he had to go somewhere with his
brother rob so ok. sO i called him back and first thing i
heard when i got on the phone was WHO THE FUCK IS JACK HUH
WHO THE FUCK IS JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1.So i ran
downstairs and started screaming at alyssa who was talking
to rob. so alyssa went and told him the story and he told
her he didnt wanna talk to me he was still mad at
me...l....Oh did i mention how he told her sunday how much
he liked me!.anywho so i didnt talk to him. i tried to but
hed be mean. so i called him ummm last wedsneday. and he
told alyssa he didn't care about me no i dunnno
i called him a couple days about sunday i think and he said
call me back in buyin a cd and im gonna go to the movies..
i didnt call him. so i get a phone call 2 somethingin the
mornin and its him drunk with bill. and hes like why didnt
you call me baby or something and i said well i thought you
were mad at me. this and that...and then he puts fuckin
Bill wells on the phone. another fawker i dont wanna talk
to!!!!! and richard came back on the phone and he said you
dont wanna talk to bill,and i said not really. So he goes
well for that comment im gonna hang up on you i
havent talked to him...i tried to call him today though..
id unno why....ok enough about him..brb ps did i mention im
going with Richard.. but i dunno if i am anymore