Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2003-10-22 06:19:06 (UTC)

now a days

Wow, now this seems familiar. I have not writen in here
since before Cory left. Damnit!
Well me and Cory broke up after a while big dramatic thing
with me beating up his mom, JUST KIDDING! We are still
together and he is going strong with the army and all. He
is in his second part of being away and training. Two weeks
ago I was in Oklahoma to see him graduate from book camp.
He looked so good in his uniform. I mean, damn that boy
looked sexy. We spent some time together and I was blown
away. :) We also are going to get married. I am so excited.
He comes home in December for winter break and that will be
the best christmas.
Other then that I am just going to school and working to
get out of that hell called high school. Last year and I am
doing pretty well for myself. 3.0 right here! I am so
proud. But yes I am working hard to keep that up but
missing a week of school sucked with making all that stupid
shit up. You should know how it is.
Alrite well I ran out of things to say right now but who
knows, maybe I will start writing everyday like I used to.
Love ya *hugz & kisses*

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