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2003-10-22 05:38:25 (UTC)

Strike A Pose

The concept of a "poser" amazes me. Of all the different
stereotypes one could be classified as, why be a poser?
The first reason why posers are so bad, in my opinion, is
that in order to be a poser, you must be a liar... and
nobody has respect for a liar. Liars and posers are on the
same level. Now, posers have an uncontrolable desire to be
something more than they are, and the only way they can do
that is by trying to become someone else. Now that is a
very overly dramatic way of putting it... but in other
words... people who don't think they're cool enough, copy
people they think are cool in order to be cool themselves.
It doesn't work.... ever. You can't be cool if you have to
copy someone in order to do it. If you have to lie about
what you've done, what you do, or who you're doing, and how
cool they are, then you're not genuinely cool.... you're a
fake... a liar.. a poser... and nobody likes a poser... and
if nobody likes you.. you can't be cool.. ever. Now it's
not always just copying what others do... some people
actually ditch the friends they had to be with "cooler"
people. Now meeting new people is fine and all, but when
you have to stop talking to your old friends all together
in order to do it, thats where meeting new people becomes
trying to fit in. Now, some posers do eventually fit in,
but forever they will be regarded as the wannabe, the liar,
the scum of the fucking earth...... the poser.

Title:a line from "Vogue" by Madonna