life's weird
2003-10-22 02:57:51 (UTC)

oh my

its been a while hasnt it?
well not too much has happened
jona and i broke up and got back together
the problem with him rigth now (its been 10 months) is im
not attracted to him anymore. like i have no interest in
him sexually. I love him so much but I don't really want
to go out anymore. and i don't want to hurt his ego but
telling him im not attracted to him.
but i bet we'll break up soon.
man. so you know how vijay and i had that thing last year
during "much ado" (we ended up in schianker's bed together
and i kind of... "propositioned"-not necesarily for sex
but just to like fool around- and well... he turned me
down. muy triste) but tonight i IMed him and said "mrs.
wrubel says our homeowrk is to make out before rehearsal
tomarrow so that we can kiss onstage" but I was just
seeing if he would beleive me and i didn't really so i was
like "well i gotta go" and i left and he sent me these
vijay: I actually believed u at first
vijay: i thought it was like one of wrubel's funny comments
vijay: like we need to supress our sexuality of whatever
vijay: and then i thought u took it seriously
vijay: which would have been cool
vijay: hhahaha
vijay: but yeah u can seduce me if u want
vijay: i cant say i would mind
i didn't actually say anything but im thinking, you
wouldn't mind NOW? what about last year when I was single?
grrr. asshole.
lol hes sweet though, im glad i get to play portia to his
bassanio. thats another thing. LEAD! my 2nd one (philia
in "a funny thing happened on the way to the forum" this
summer to jonathan's Hero) im so excited. this one is a
lot harder though... because its shakespeare... and
because its not a musical lol. oi i must go though