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2003-10-22 02:25:36 (UTC)

Still hackin away and sick!

Well today I sound like I've smoked 3 packs a day for the
past 21 years. LOL My head is starting to clear up which
is good-but in general I still feel like a big tird. I'm
hoping that a grand sleep tonight will make me much better
I never get to watch television--so today I feel I received
a real education. lol This is the first time in a LONG
time that I've actually been able to (unfortunately with
these circumstances) just sit and watch tv at some kind of
length. I've always loved the Today show since my waking
up at 6:15 a.m. high school days(I would always know I
would be late if I was still getting dressed when either
Williard Scott or Al Roker would be giving the weather and
the WHIZ weather would come on. LOL) But I think the most
enjoyable of all was flipping through all the trashy talk
shows(Ricky Lake, Montel, Jerry Springer, Maury, etc). But
it was nice to finally return to my Days of Our Lives--
which I haven't watched in years. So I'm rambling....
Besides that I went to the doctor's office again after last
night's Emergency Room visit---and they were like YOU HAVE
ASTHMA AND ALLERGIES---well thank you very much I've known
this since I was 4. lol Goes to show you that the campus
health center really doesn't know what the hell is going on
for the most part. So I got put on these allergy pills and
steroid inhaler by this Russian/German/SOMETHING doctor who
SICK!" So I decided when I sat in her office that I would
coninue to hack uncontrollably. Stupid ass doctor. So I'm
now waiting this "viral" infection out---hoping to feel
better real soon seeing that I'm in an opera that goes up
in just a little over two weeks. Which brings me to my
next topic...The opera....
2 weeks left---it's unbelievable. We haven't ran the thing
once!!!!! We're all not completely memorized...it's the
scariest thing. I've had some close calls with shows
before--but never this close! Wow!! So PRAY PRAY PRAY.
I schedule for my senior recital in a few weeks. YAY!!!!
But I need to think about just getting through the next
three weeks!!!
*Hacking my lungs out*