Ramblings of a Mom
2003-10-21 11:59:34 (UTC)

Mucked up Monday

Well, yesterday was Monday, and it was a doozy. By the end
of the day, my back hurt so bad I could hardly move. I
have learned (sadly enough) that I can't sit on the floor
anymore without hurting myself getting back up. I
discovered this right before I went to get my son from the
bus stop. My whole stomach hurt, from my chest to my
abdomen. Then after dinner, my back started hurting.
Luckily, I feel pretty good this morning (so far).
Tyler had a decent day at school and now his teacher has
increased his homework to 4 pages a night instead of 3 and
since he forgot his folder on Thursday and missed Friday,
he had double homework last night. That's quite a bit for
a 5 year old! But you know what? He did it without
complaint, did it well, and even acted like he actually
enjoyed it. My husband didn't come home until late b/c he
went to a neighbor's house to settle up on his truck that
they just fixed for us, so I sent my son out to get the
dog. While I am watching him, he lets go of the dog's
leash, and he takes off! In the course of his running this
time, he lost his leash, and it got to be after dark and
he's still out running the neighborhood.
I couldn't help it, I laid into my son pretty good for this
one. He went to bed knowing that the dog was still not
home and that I didn't have much hope in getting him home
that night. I called my husband to tell him, in hopes that
he would get him in, and when he came home, he just told me
that he wasn't going to go after him in the middle of the
night. He was totally okay with him being out loose over
night. I went for him later on in the night (bum back and
all) and got him near the house, my husband came out,
pretending to have a treat for the dog, so he went to him
and we got him inside.
Then we go to bed and I hear something in the kitchen. I
remember that my son hadn't put his glass away and it had
water in it. I get up to put it away, and, as I feared, it
was too late, the water had been spilt. It was all over
our good wood table, the floor, one of the chairs, his
homework, everything! So there I am, hurting as I was, and
cleaning up all of this water and trying to salvage as much
paper as I could. I was griping the whole time. The cats
have GOT to learn to stay off of the furniture. The older
one seems pretty good about it usually, it's just the
younger one that is such a pain about it. The sad thing
is, with wooden floors, I can hear his fat butt hit the
floor every time he jumps off of something he's not
supposed to be on. But it buggers the heck out of me that
every time we go to use the dining room table, there's cat
hair all over it. Or occasionally finding cat hair on the
counters. That's just gross! I don't want to eat or eat
with cat hair! It's bad enough having the animal hair (cat
and dog) on the floor and all, but to have it covering
EVERYTHING is for the birds!
Well, today my plate is kinda full. I have made it a plan
to go to the book fair at Tyler's school today. That opens
at 8 am. I have a lunch date with my Mom at 11:30 am so
that we can exchange cat food and go to AAA for stuff about
Corpus Christi. Then I have to meet Tyler's Dad to
retrieve his jacket from over the weekend so that we can
have it (just in case) at the coast. In between all of
this, I need to go to Wal-Mart to exchange a pair of
maternity jeans for the right size (they were tooooo big)
and get yet another leash for the dog. I ought to start
buying them in twos, just in case. This is the third leash
we have been through, either broken, lost, or chewed up, in
7 months! So, anyway, I better run so that I can do what I
have planned today. Later!