Diary of an American Witch
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2003-10-21 07:13:16 (UTC)


"The poets are right, Connor, love can move mountians."

Well, here it is, my second diary entry in a row. Woohoo!
last week I won a prize in this drawing at work. Five days
paid vacation, but Im not sure when Im going to take it.
That's not the point. The point is that since I got this
job at scholastic, my whole life has been nothing but good
things. Insurance, financial security, the love of my
life..the list goes on. The only thing left is to redevote
myself to my faith. Now that Im a priestess, and a legal
minister, I need to start a crack down study of things.
meditate more, reconnect with the Goddess. She has given
me so much. I also have a wedding to preform in a few
months. It's for my best friend, and I really want to make
it perfect. My life was out of balance for a long time,
and now I need to put it back into balance. It feels like
the starting of an adventure. And Im not scared. I draw
my strength from Cory, from the bond that we have together,
but I don't depend on it, and he holds me up, not pushes me
down. I know it has been in all the sappy song ever
written, but I feel like with him by my side, I can do
anything. The poets were right, love can move mountians.
It can restore my writing, it can help me have faith in
myself again. Or maybe that's just him. The best part
about finally finding that someone you have been waiting
for all you life is understanding that you don't in fact,
have to settle. When I look back on all the precious
things I thought I would have to give up to have life with
the boys of my past, and how utterly bleak it made me feel,
I thank the goddess that she gave me the strength to have
faith that there was someone better out there, and to wait
for that someone to come to me.

Ramble, ramble, ramble.

Happy thinking

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