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2003-10-21 04:07:27 (UTC)

Making a list, checking it many times.

I'm gonna make a list of people to invite to go clubbing on
Thursday, since I think I won't be able to hang anytime
before that. Thursday I wanna pull an allnighter, which
will set me up nice and tired for the trip so I can easily
sleep in the most uncomfortable ways on the plane there.

Where was it that I was thinking of going on Thursday,
right, energy. It might not be bad. I've never been there
so it would be kinda busting a cherry which is always fun.
There will be some kind of steps competition showing off
who's got the best foot work. Then the whole club, well bar
part of it is being taken over by people from the coyote
ugly bar. So it might be kinda shocking to watch if we
decide to do so. Well anyway here's my list:

Can go/ will definately invite:

Maybe will go/ should I invite?

Won't go/ will still invite:
-Cmm. Bun Bun

Yeah so I think that's what I'll do. I'll invite everyone
here. To hang atleast. Eric, Pep, and Cmm. Bun Bun may go
home before 10, and the rest of us can go out clubbing. Tim
will not go because he was suppose to do something. He'd
made a previous engagement I'm sure. But if he didn't plans
might change and we may do something else so that he can
come and not just do it because I want to party and it's
more of my thing since I'm the one going away.

I do wanna let loose, really loose. But it would kinda be
better I think if more guys would come. Otherwise if it's
the top 5 and me, it's 4 girls and two guys. So basically
if we are juking, it might end up 3 on Chris, and I
wouldn't like the attention. I don't know anymore. Should I
even go with these people clubbing? I mean, I want to, but
are they club material? Last time I started dancing at a
dance near Kathy she said stop humping the floor. I've
previously stated that I wanna let loose, and so I want to
do still. But I cannot do so if I keep worrying about how
my friends will take to my dancing. Whether they will go
with it or against it. I just want to dance. It would be
kinda fun if a bunch of us girls just go, cause then we
could find some guys easier. If Chris is there, Tequila as
well, (even though he's there with Kathy,) it would be
kinda bad for me...unless, Steph and Christina cling on to
Chris and I'm off on my own freespiritness. That way I
don't juke with anyone I don't want, and I don't get
bombarded from the back. I can do my own dance, at my own
pace. Not caring about what others may think. yey, I think
I have a plan. Now just to get the word out. And fast.

Besides, there is another complication. If all 6 of us
don't go, then what? If Christina or Steph say no, which
Christina is more likely to do, what then? Okay, it's okay
then, but what if they both say no. Or cancel last minute?
Or if Tequila and Kathy don't wanna come, then I don't
really want to go to a club with one guy and 2 other girls.
If we do all go though, there might be some agitation
between Steph and Kathy. Prabobly and hopefully not anymore
though. Kathy says she's gonna KILL Steph. With kindness
ofcourse. It will be hard on her too though.

I don't know, I'll call them all up and ask them are they
free. They will prabobly ask what I had in mind and I'll
tell them energy with what company. We'll go from there
tomorrow. Till then, alivaderci