2003-10-21 03:36:10 (UTC)

tell your bitch she aint got to be mad at me.

well today was a long day. i had a call this afternoon
that was AN HOUR AND A HALF, from one of those relay
services for deaf people. oh my god. it was so
frustrating. at the very beginning i was thinking "oh
thats a cool job, i should check that out." then after 25
minutes i was like. hell nah.

i really hope everyone can show up friday. the only person
i know for sure will be there i really dont care about and
thats matt from work. hahaha. but i hope the people i
love are there cus i didnt ask many people to come just the
ones i wanted to be with and that didnt even include
Shithead so i dont know. its my fuckin birthday!!! im
allowed to be a brat.

tonight was nice. i wasnt sure if i was guna see her and i
did=) and we did boring stuf but it was fun and i was

im so tired. im guna fall asleep reading this psych book.
hes pissed cus i just told him im not writing his paper.
im just too tired with too much to do. plus i have to get
up an extra 30 minutes early making it 530 because his lazy
ass didnt go get our blue books this afternoon even though
he does nothing half the day. whateva. be mad. it'll be
good practice for thursday when i dont have anything yet
for your birthday and for friday when i tell you im going
out with my friends instead of you.

i feel like im getting sick im sniffly with sometimes a
sore throat.

well gotta sleep. i have so much shit tomorrow its not
even funny. but im still in a pretty good mood cus i got
to spend a few hours with her tonight and that was really