2003-10-21 02:55:24 (UTC)

Borderline Homeless

Listen to me because I know this to be true- the Universe
rewards courageous and free-spirited acts. I believe that,
despite the fact that I am writing this festered with a
hundred mosquito bites or whatever they are (I don't
really know), getting sick and in a village called Pahoa
where I don't yet have a place to hide away tonight.
I'm still fucking happy.
Contrary to what everyone thought, I've discovered that I
indeed CAN get by on my charm.
It has been a continous adventure, continuously
stimulating and beautiful...
On the first morning I was asleep on a bench In Hilo when
I met Trey and he took me to the river surrounded by cliff
and jungle. We climbed the small waterfalls and swam in
the river. We stayed on a rock in the middle a long time
while he searched for crayfish in the water, where I
shivered and he kept me warm. That was one day and one day
only...perhaps I will never see him again, nor the two
highschool boys getting drunk on the path of rocks leading
down from the street to the river. One was Asian and had
icy blue-green hair, and a very effete manner. He
whispered into my ear that he was gay and not to tell
my "boyfriend" (Trey), and he immeadiately acted like we
were a couple of intimate girl friends. I liked sulky
expression on his face when his mother told him I couldn't
spend the night, and I had to speed back to my hostel
before the gate closed.
This was only a small taste of the adventure I'm having,
but it's hard too, and I have to get out of here to find
medecine and shelter for now. Don't you dare worry about
Love, Dem