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2003-10-21 02:13:36 (UTC)

Im not a temp anymore.

A little more than three months ago, I applied to a TEMP
agency and they found me a job where maybe if I was good
enough I would be hired on. For a while, I thought that I
would never be accepted...there are too many temps, why
would they choose me? Last week, Ronda, my supervisor,
pulled me into her office to tell me to keep up the good
work and that I was on the top of her list.. And guess
what, I got a call today saying that I got the job. Misty
didnt yet, hopefully she gets the next open position. Misty
is worried too much about money. She worries about how much
she has..not how she uses it. I'm not sure if that made any
sense. But I want her to be happy, not work ALL the time.
She needs to sleep...she gets grumpy when she doesnt. Shes
is trying to get me an engagement ring, but right now,
there are more important things we have to do...I dont need
a ring, not right now. She started to cry when I said
that...but I mean it..we need to get settled before we
can "settle" like that.
We went to April's today just to say "Hi" and we were going
to pick up a book...but she doesnt know where it is. I felt
really out of place there. I think Misty did too. I didnt
feel welcome at all.. But I guess if you know that whole
story, its understandable. April doesnt seem as happy as
she used to. She says she is on more meds...maybe thats
whats bothering her.
Well, I am going to go spend some time with my babe...cause
we need some down I will talk to you all