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2003-10-21 02:12:28 (UTC)


Ok. I got all excited today because my dear friend S was
getting online. I haven't talked to her in forever. As I
was talking to her and Pierre, Chris got online. I was
super happy about that.

So I found out chris has msn and added him to our convo.
We had a great time all chatting. At least in my eyes we
did. Chris seemed to really like Pierre and S. He was
even able to keep up with their silly talk and stuff.
Those two are so cute together.

We had a great conversation. Three of the four of us were
naked. (maybe all four, I'm not 100% sure) That added to
the excitment of things.

Chris really got along well with them. He did not seem
overly interested in S. Like he wouldn't jump her if she
were in the same room with him right now. That would be
because he is married. He loves his wife very much. I
read a gushing bit he wrote about her on one of his old
websites. He is madly in love with his wife.

Chris is a big flirt, but that is it. I guess if I let
him he would really want to have sex with me, but that
will NEVER happen. I DO NOT do open relationships and
John is WAY to special for me to fuck things up.

Pierre got offline to go to work and S soon followed. So
Chris and I chatted for a bit longer. It was just a now
typical sexual conversation.

I already shared my joys etc with Cal today. I was hoping
to do the same with Dave, but he seems to be away from his
computer. He has been idle for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I
don't know what city he is in tonight. John told me, but
I forgot.

I want to talk with Dave about how my life is going, but
I'm sure when he gets online he won't have much time for
me. That is if he gets online tonight. I guess I'll see
what is on tv and do some homework.