down in my eyes
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2003-10-20 20:00:52 (UTC)

The diary.

On friday, it was pretty funny at work. We had this
Huge conference. sorta.

It started out with just me, kelly & mike. mostly
conversing about the same ol' gossip that we do,
everyday. but mainly, we were focusing on how mike
just gets soo many... booty calls. Zac heard us from
around the corner, & when he came around, i asked him
his theory on the situation, as well. Soon sam joined
us. 'N before we knew it, cindy & andre were kickin'
back with us, too.

All seven of us lounged around the front office,
discussing our opinions on... Life & relationships... &
me 'n kelly learned something new, from our testosteron
filled room. Not to agree, but- (these) guys think
Latin ladies are the best to date. They're the most
easygoing,.. most forgiving,... 'n generally, have the
biggest ass. White chicks are the worst to date.
They're too cynical, uptight, & controlling. & last
but not the least. the Asian chicas, are supposedly,
best in bed.
Do you agree?? Ha. That's what i thought.

Let's see. What else?

Oh, me & zac, particularly, were getting into a
discussion of our own, within the discussion. He told
me he doesn't believe in Love, & he never has.
Basically saying that it's just abunch of irrational
thoughts mixed... with a bunch of other crap. I
believe in & i have been in Love, i told him. He asked
me, what is Love, anyways? I'm not even sure. But
it's something that lies in the eye of the beholder.
One cannot know until they've experienced it. & once
they have it, one can only define it, by just knowing.
that it's the feeling they have within.

Actually, i don't even know what I'm typin, anymore. I'm hungry & this isn't making sense, anymore..

Tequila. Anyone?