Alisha's Journal
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2003-10-20 19:22:17 (UTC)

okie dokie

It's been a LONG time. Heres the scoop. My ex asked my
crush about a week ago if he liked me, he does, but he has
a girlfriend. Things seemed akward then, until yesterday.
MAN WAS IT AKWARD. We didn't talk, besides the normal dish
washer/buffet attendent talk, until...we both got on our
second shifts. and he was flirting with me, touching me,
telling me's like he realized something, but i
don't know what, nor can i even explain it. I dunno what to
think!!! I'd like some feedback about that thought...

Anyways, i have to do some community Service and i just
called a nursing home, place...but, im kinda scared to do, is that bad? I was kinda thinking to do it at my
work, but...i dunno what i would be able to do! haha...oh
well, i'll get over it.

School has been going good...i like's
pretty neat. Oh! Our computer got fixed...but...its still
not really working, its freezing still....i vote for a new
one! lol...SHOOT! Gotta go!