Ramblings of a Mom
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2003-10-20 13:02:56 (UTC)

Mondays and the Mother-in-law

Well, it's Monday! We made it through the weekend, my
son's father actually took him for visitation (pink eye and
all!) and spent some quality time with him. Albeit was
taking the 5 year old to Hooters Saturday night, but they
were together! Then yesterday he took him to pizza to hang
out together.
Tyler has an exciting week this week, he goes on his first
kindergarten field trip on Wednesday to a farm (which he
loves animals, so that's a big deal) and then we leave
Thursday night to go to the beach for the weekend, just he
and I. He can't hardly wait for all these things to happen
this week.
Last night, my mother-in-law calls. I think that this is
going to become a regular thing. She's amazed to think
that my son is actually the size that he is. She just
can't imagine a 5 year old being as big as he is (in
height). At his 5 year check-up, he was measured right at
4 feet tall, and last Thursday at the dr.'s office, he was
weighed at 63 1/2 pounds. He is also very inquisitive and
bright. And although she has never met him, she tells me
last night, you know that he's not normal, right? That he
is special, right? I told her, yes, I know that. She
seems to think that we are raising a giant 'down here'.
Well, maybe she is right. His Dad just realized over the
weekend how much he really eats. I believe that he thinks
that I have been pulling his leg this whole time!
Anyway, back to my mother-in-law. Since she has never been
a grandma before, she is trying to learn as much as
possible about Tyler and his interests so that she can buy
for him for Christmas and otherwise. So, it's what is this
what is that, Thomas the Tank Engine becomes Tommy the
WHAT? And Leap Frog becomes, is that the thing that you
put a book inside of and touch? We are also debating when
she plans on being here after the baby is born. My husband
is betting that she might even try to be here when the baby
is born (in the hospital). She tells me last night that
she is ready to come down right now if we would allow her
to and just stay with us until whenever, but she figures
(rightly so) that that might get on my nerves to have her
around that long. She is more concerned about making sure
that I like her than anything else! She wants to be
a 'good mother-in-law' that the daughter-in-law likes. She
also tells me that she and his sister have decided that
after this year's annual Christmas trip to PA, that he is
to make it his last one up there for the holidays. When I
asked her why, she tells me, well, it's one thing to leave
you and Tyler there for Christmas, it's another once the
baby is here. So I told her then maybe she and Mary ought
to try to come down here and we will alternate (that's the
way my family has worked it for years). She laughs and
asks what would we do with them? I laughed and told her, I
guess you don't know how big my family is (or how close we
are). I also told her that I am hosting Christmas at our
house this year for my family. She is like, Oh God, and
you will be so pregnant by then!!! I told her that it
would probably be easier for me to do it here than to load
up and do it elsewhere anyway. It just makes sense to do
it here this year.
Anywho, better run, got a lot to do today, it's grocery day!