2003-10-20 11:00:40 (UTC)


im up early. i didnt mean to be. i thought it was time to
get up but i guess not. and im eating this funny cereal.
it has like nuts and fruits and shit in it.

maybe there is no possibility of being even, or i should
say the possibility is so small that you at least cant
expect it. by even i mean being in any type of
relationship or friendship where you both care the same
exact amount. and just as importantly, you both feel as
cared about. it seems like this is almost never the case.

with ashley i usually feel this way, like even when im hurt
by something or shes being stupid, i know that she loves me
and i almost never question that, so everything is okay.

like i know claudia loves me, but i have to question it
sometimes and she doesnt give me any sort of consistent
reason to not. i know i SHOULD know that caroline loves me
but at least half the time im more confused if im caught up
in my own fantastical mind at which point i dont know

if everyone had more love and showed it, we would be a much
better bunch of people.

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