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2003-10-20 06:52:11 (UTC)

New Diary entry...

Yes, it's a new one. Go figure. I must keep writing since I
think this thing is eliminated after a month of non writing
though I doubt that now, since I think I had periods of
time where I've gone over not writing in here. Anyway,
there's much to be done.

I began to pack all my toiletteries after ladies night
tonight, which came after work, which came after returning
video's, and ridding myself of some financial and trip

I left early in the morning and returned the videos. Ended
up going to Jewel to go to the bank. In the entrence though
I saw 5 dollar pijama pants so I bought one for theatre,
very comfy. The other for pijama's. Silk. I didn't really
care, still don't, but they match my orange tankini. Tis
will be my new pijama. I look like a crazy clown walking
around at night. Especially since I'm gonna take my yellow
flip flops on tour as well. I bet if people see me in this
we will have a good laugh over it. I laughed. I like it.

Work went by fast, and I don't care for Victor anymore. Nor
does he for me except for the fact that he still wants to
see me wearing less clothes. I can bet. Besides that one
time I was working late he said I should wear the kind of
mini skirts that go up to your but only. Bleh. What a
pervert like guy. Oh well he kissed good, and I can do
better then he. He knows it. He thought that Chris was my
boyfriend. Which I didn't mind. I explained it to him that
he's not. He doesn't believe me. That's okay though. I
thought he saw when Chris opened the door for me to sit in
his Benz. The thought of that must have confused him a
great deal. I know since he backed off real fast. Anyway
though, that was from a few days before. This entry is new,
and today's work day past fast.

Then I came home to the stuff my mom bought me. 2 blouses,
socks, and underwear. The only thing that's not being
returned from there is the socks. These will last me for
the next 2 years atleast. I am insisting on taking the car
tomorrow after work to go to ragstock and so on. Also
return these/ maybe exchange them.

After that short agitating display Steph, Liz, Christina
and I were off to ladies night at the pool hall. Great was
the feeling of such a switched atmosphere. I started
hanging with mainly guys, but a night out with the girls
was just what we all needed. We were so girly. Which was
great. And we talked about girly things. Like, Steph went
to the salon and got this blond/pink like hair do with
slight curls, looks real nice. We all thought so. She
rocked at pool tonight. It was basically her and me that
were on fire at times. 'twas aquard in the beginning. We
all walked in to the pool hall, like the first girls
walking into a sausage party. The whole place was filled
with just guys. More chicks showed up later, but in the
mean while it was just us and the guys. Yikes how odd. We
got to flirt with the guy that made the drinks when we got
them. Steph mainly. I was not in the flirty mood. I tried,
not hard enought though.

So got back a little after 9, started going through all the
stuff I already bought and gathering them up together. Much
to my surprise I ended up packing a bag with all the
bathroom accessories. So I'm done with that little part, I
just gotta remember the nail clippers, and the bobby pins.

I wanna do something with everyone like thursday of
Wednesday. Maybe rather Wed. cause tim had made previous
engagements on thurs. oh well. Maybe I'll just hang with
him seperately then. Kathy can make it on Thurs. which is a
first, and besides, I don't wanna have a going away hang,
and then I'm in town for another week. Kinda like Marvin

Gonna go now, almost 2 and I still have to excercise, and
gosh ...
Thinking of clubbing. wait tim's not gonna be there, so no
objections on that side, energy is having a coyote ugly
thing going on, so it could be cool and disgusting i guess.
One way or another we could go there. I think I'll wear my
beige for that. With black accessories.

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