Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-10-20 03:23:43 (UTC)

Long Time, No Write

Wow! It's been almost 2 weeks since I last wrote. Time
flies when you are super busy doing the regular routine.
Not much in new news to report, but let's see what I can
muster up.

School's really started to become very busy. This 15-page
paper is going to take a whole lot of work and research.
I got C's on my Congreess and Stat tests somehow, so I
have to work super extra hard to get those grades up to
where they should be. The British history and Italian
classes are going well, and I expect them to continue to
do so, assuming I did very well on the Italian test.

The Library is the same old asylum.I go in, check-in
books, clean the floors, and go to class or home. I am
really trying the stay out of the constant politics and
drama and bickering that seems to go on amongst the
supervisors, and it is extremely diificult when I have to
hear it and then hear all about it each and every time I
work. Absolute madness. But thankfully, I have the music
to bail me out.

Other than those two things, there isn't much new stuff
going on. And it kinda sucks. I am getting tired of this
routine, although I do like some of the traditions that I
have. I think I need to meet new people and find some new
and exciting interests that won't get me off track from my

Something mildly exciting happened this weekend. I got my
first letter from a graduate school!!! It was from
Virginia Tech. I looked through the brochure and saw it
didn't really tailor towards my interests. But they seem
to have a great American history program so that is a
possible back-up should things fall through with Roman

This seems to all that I am inspired to write this
evening. Hopefully, I will begin writing writing about
new and exciting things that I get to experience. But for
now, the routine exists and I must deal with that....

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