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2003-10-19 21:12:01 (UTC)

Champagne Supernova

So me Crystal and Adam went out driving the other night. I
really didn't have any money, or the best clothes on, so I
wasn't really enthusiastic about driving around for hours.
We ended up driving through this town I have never heard
of. It was so obscure I don't even remember the name. Adam
apparently knew where we were though because everytime
Crystal and I complained that we were bored or hungry, he
would suggest places to go.

As we were discussing what to do, I pulled into the Mobil
station to get gas. Adam got out of the car to go pay, and
while he did that Crystal got into the front passenger
seat. As I was sitting there listening to the radio with
her, I noticed a bunch of elementary school-aged children
beside the gas station building. They were all standing
there, beside their bikes talking and laughing with
eachother. Apparently they noticed me looking at them
because right after I did, I noticed one of them walking
over to my car. This short little boy with dirty blonde
hair walked over to my window and asked me for a pen. So I
reached into the glove box, handed him the pen, and he ran
back over to his friends. Just then Adam got back into the

We got back onto the road. Crystal suggested we go over
some guys house because she heard there was a party going
on there. When we got to the house I was already
dissapointed. There were a bunch of people there that I
didn't know, and I wasn't in the mood to start introducing
myself to people. Adam started to talking to random people
while Crystal and I went into the living room to watch TV.
We sat on an ugly orange, green and yellow plaid couch that
was up against a wall. The room was very small, half of
which was floor to ceiling windows. The Tv was up against
the windows. I wasn't paying attention to the TV. I can't
even tell you what they were watching because I don't
remember. I just sat there and looked out the window. Cars
kept driving by filled with teenagers all in what looked
like prom gowns. I sat there watching them confused. I
didnt understand what all these kids were doing dressed for
prom in the middle of October.

Crystal got up off the couch and went downstairs. I
followed her shortly after along with adam. The staircase
was narrow and musty. When we got downstairs about 10 or
15 people... all about 20 years old sitting on the floor.
Some were smoking, a few of couples were in the corner
making out as if they hadnt seen eachother in years, most
of them were sitting in the middle of the room showing
eachother different Yoga techniques. I wasn't too
interested in staying down there, so I went upstairs. When
I opened the basement door, everything was picth black
except for one light bulb hanging from the ceiling in the
far corner of the kitchen. There were other lightbulbs
hanging from the ceiling, but only one was working. Adam
came upstairs shortly after and suggested that we install
new lightbulbs while the rest of the people were
downstairs. So we found this big box of different colored
lightbulbes and started putting them in the sockets. When
we were done we turned on the lightswitch and found out
that only half of them worked. Frustrated, I went outside
to my car. Adam and Crystal followed shortly after.
Crystal got into the back seat, while I got into the
passenger seat and told Adam to drive. By now it was early
morning. We got onto this huge highway, like the ones you
see in Miami or LA, with 6 or 7 lanes and a lot of
overpasses. It felt good to drive down the highway with
the windows open while smoking and listening to the radio.
It felt good to be with two people I enjoyed spending time


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